What Mahatma Gandhi Said to Those Who Wanted Beef Banned in India

The accompanying is a passage from Gandhi's petition talk of July 25, 1947, from the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume 88, as distributed online by the Gandhi Heritage Portal.

Today is Gandhi Jayanti and The Wire is distributed it in the light of the current week's stunning occurrence in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, where a Muslim family was assaulted by a deadly swarm and the father of an Indian Air Force staff member lynched on the suspicion that they had some meat in their home.

Rajendra Babu lets me know that he has gotten somewhere in the range of 50,000 postcards, somewhere around 25,000 and 30,000 letters and a huge number of messages requesting a restriction on cow butcher. I addressed you about this some time recently. Why this surge of wires and letters? They have had no impact.

I have another message which says that a companion has begun a quick for this cause. In India no law can be made to boycott bovine butcher. I don't question that Hindus are illegal the butcher of bovines. I have been for quite some time vowed to serve the cow however in what manner can my religion additionally be the religion of whatever is left of the Indians? It will mean pressure against those Indians who are not Hindus.

We have been yelling from the house-best that there will be no intimidation in the matter of religion. We have been discussing verses from the Koran at the petition. However, in the event that anybody were to drive me to present these verses I dislike it. By what method would I be able to compel anybody not to butcher dairy animals unless he is himself so arranged? It is not as though there were just Hindus in the Indian Union. There are Muslims, Parsis, Christians and different religious gatherings here.

The suspicion of the Hindus that India now has turned into the place where there is the Hindus is wrong. India has a place with all who live here. On the off chance that we stop dairy animals butcher by law here and the extremely switch happens in Pakistan, what will be the outcome? Assuming they say Hindus would not be permitted to visit sanctuaries since it was against Shariat to love symbols? I see God even in a stone yet how would I hurt others by this conviction? On the off chance that thusly I am ceased from going by sanctuaries I would even now visit them. I might subsequently recommend that these messages and letters ought to stop. It is not appropriate to waste cash on them.

I have been for quite some time vowed to serve the bovine however by what means can my religion likewise be the religion of whatever is left of the Indians? It will mean pressure against those Indians who are not Hindus.

Other than some prosperous Hindus themselves energize dairy animals butcher. Genuine, they don't do it with their own hands. Yet, who sends every one of the dairy animals to Australia and different nations where they are butchered and whence shoes produced from cow cover up are sent back to India? I know a universal Vaishnava Hindu. He used to nourish his kids on meat soup. On my asking him for what good reason he did that he said there was no wrongdoing in devouring hamburger as solution.

We truly don't stop to think what genuine religion is and simply approach yelling that dairy animals butcher ought to be banned by law. In towns Hindus make bullocks convey colossal weights which practically pulverize the creatures. Is it not cow butcher, but gradually did? I might consequently propose that the matter ought not be squeezed in the Constituent Assembly…

I have been solicited, 'Since in view from the barbarities being propagated by Muslims it is hard to choose which of the Muslims are to be trusted, what ought to be our state of mind towards the Muslims in the Indian Union? What ought to the non-Muslims in Pakistan do?

I have as of now addressed this question. I again rehash that every one of the religions of India today are being put under serious scrutiny. It must be perceived how the different religious gatherings, for example, the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Muslims and the Christians behave and how they bear on the issues of India. Pakistan might be said to have a place with Muslims yet the Indian Union has a place with all. On the off chance that you shake off weakness and get to be overcome you won't need to consider how you are to carry on towards the Muslims. Be that as it may, today there is weakness in us. For this I have officially acknowledged the fault.

In towns Hindus make bullocks convey gigantic weights which nearly pulverize the creatures. Is it not bovine butcher, yet gradually completed?

I am as yet thinking about how my 30 years' instructing has been so insufficient. Why did I accept, regardless, that peacefulness could be a weapon of defeatists? Indeed, even now in the event that we can truly get to be overcome and love the Muslims, the Muslims will need to stop and think what they could pick up by honing injustice against us. They will return love for affection. Could we keep the crores of Muslims in the Indian Union as slaves? He who makes slaves of others himself turns into a slave. On the off chance that we answer sword with sword, the lathi with lathi and kick with kick, we can't expect that things will be distinctive in Pakistan. We should then lose our flexibility as effortlessly as we have picked up it…

[Translated from Hindi]

Prarthana Pravachan –I, pp 277-280

Take note of: The topic of banning dairy animals butcher was discussed in the Constituent Assembly and an accord rose that there ought to be no national statute banning the utilization of meat. The objective was rather incorporated into the (non-authoritative) Directive Principles of State Policy.

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